15 Reasons to Pursue Career In Digital Marketing Career in 2024

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Do you want to change your current job and start a career in digital marketing? We are here to help. During your academic years, you must have heard or studied marketing. Humans have been practicing marketing since the day they learned about business and trading.

However, here, we will not talk about traditional marketing careers or jobs but will explore advanced digital marketing or eCommerse marketing careers for you. 

Since the inception of the Internet and digital platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and several other social media apps, digital marketing has become the hub of opportunities for business success.

According to statistical analysis, 90% of small businesses use digital marketing strategies to reach more clients. Similarly, the market size of digital marketing is also growing rapidly, standing at $70 billion with an estimated growth rate of 11.1%.

Digital marketing has become a key component in your business success. Therefore, this industry has the potential to provide highly paid job roles for everyone skilled in digital marketing techniques. 

Let’s explore further why you should choose digital marketing as a career in 2024.

Different Careers to Persue in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing offers several job opportunities, such as SEO expert, social media manager, email marketing manager, and many more. 

The business industry requires different types of digital marketing skills, including solid research capabilities and communication skills. Although the industry is not yet very crowded, each individual competes with other professionals, making it a highly competitive industry.

Moreover, knowledge about different social media platforms and the internet world is also essential to survive in the digital marketing industry. 

As a digital marketing expert, your ultimate goal is to build a credible image of your brand, reach the targeted audience, bring more customer engagement, and increase the customer conversion rate via using different digital marketing channels.

Companies hire both in-house digital marketing teams or buy services from freelance digital marketing agencies. Generally, a digital marketing team is a group of people with different marketing skills who know how to operate content on different platforms.

They can be content writers, SEO experts, SEM experts, social media managers, advertisers, and email marketing experts. 

The demand for digital marketing experts has gone to a whole new level. You have a very bright future as a digital marketing expert if you understand the basics, advanced techniques, and different marketing tools with patience.

15 Reasons to Choose Digital Marketing as a Career

1. Fast Growing Industry

The digital marketing industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. As you can see, the use of the Internet has become widely popular, and it is expected to get more than 3 to 4 million users in the coming 3 years.

It is going to be the most crowded place for any business to open its shop. According to Statista, digital advertising marketing is about to reach $201.8 million in 2024.

Therefore, it is the golden time for everyone to consider pursuing a digital marketing career as the number of customers and businesses on the internet is growing rapidly. 

Moreover, soon, it will completely replace traditional marketing techniques where your only option is to learn new skills to retain your job.

2. One of the Highly Paid Jobs

Several businesses are open to spending about 10% of their annual income on digital marketing, which means you can get a decent salary learning this skill. Moreover, the salary increases according to your market experience and designation.

These jobs are available from the intern to executive, team lead, and manager levels. The higher the designation, the more you are going to get paid. According to ZipRecruiter, the average salary of a social media manager per week is $1686.

3. No Specific Educational Background or Dedicated Degree

The best thing about a digital marketing career is that you do not need to get a degree or any specific educational background, no matter what you study.

You can learn marketing skills from several online courses or take physical classes for digital marketing courses in any academy. You can learn these skills in almost 3 to 6 months and apply for an initial internship.

However, as you know, the industry is all about the internet and marketing; the students with IT backgrounds or who studied eCommerce for their bachelor’s can step up to grab better opportunities and quickly understand this industry.

However, everyone needs to join these courses to understand the digital marketing industry better.

4. Start Your Own Business

Digital marketing allows individuals to start businesses using different online stores and platforms. If you do not want to work under someone else, you can start your own brand and introduce it on online platforms to reach the biggest audience in the world. You can utilize your skills to make your brand popular among the customers.

5. Divers Opportunities

Digital marketing allows you to work on countless niches. For example, if you are a Yoga trainer, you can start your channel or blog website to inform the world about different yoga practices, their benefits, and how they shape the lives of millions worldwide.

Similarly, if you are interested in other niches, you can work according to your interests. Moreover, you can also choose the skills in which you want to be an expert, such as if you like writing be a content writer or want to create visual content on social media, or learn SM marketing.

6. Challenging Environment

Digital marketing always offers something new to learn. You must learn about new platforms, marketing trends, search engine and social media platform algorithms, and the ever-evolving marketing competition and customer genera.

Moreover, there are several new tools, AI-powered software, and other techniques coming into the market that you can learn about.

7. Best Field for Creative People

If you are creative and know how to create unique content that grabs viewers’ attention, digital marketing is your field. It is the industry of highly creative and innovative content creators, analytics experts, writers, and designers who can use diverse approaches and new ideas to engage the audience in multiple ways.

8. Allow Countless Remore Jobs

The biggest benefit of digital media is that it allows you to work from anywhere. You can join a company as their marketing team member across the states or even countries and can work with them sitting in your bedroom.

There is no need to work like 9 to 5 traditional jobs. These companies allow you to work in feasible hours from anywhere you want.

9. Be an Entrepreneur

Digital marketing skills allow you to start your own digital marketing firm or freelance agency to provide these services as an independent business.

You can provide marketing solutions, and advice on advertising techniques and guide different brands on their marketing campaigns. So learn digital marketing now to start your marketing firm.

10. Relatively Easy Field

As we have discussed before there is no need for any dedicated degree, strong education background, or heavy coursework to pursue your career as a digital marketing manager.

11. Learn New Skills

This field is not bound with similar stuff as it has diverse roles for everyone. It allows you to learn new skills and work in different roles. Similarly, if you want to switch fields, this field will help you work in other business industry sectors.

12. Easy to Excel for Passionate Learners

If you are a passionate learner, you can easily learn all these skills and reach the heights of your career. With intense training, you can learn how to apply this knowledge to initiate successful marketing campaigns.

13. Less Time-Consuming

Digital marketing is a less time-consuming technique if you want to reach more clients and target more audiences.

14. Social Media Hype

The world is witnessing the hype of social media around the world. Now we can see there are billions of users on social media who have the potential to be your regular customers. It would be a wonderful opportunity for businesses to work to target these potential buyers.

15. Dynamic in Nature

This field is the combination of technical and creative skills to design appropriate campaigns for your business. You can meet with professionals and perform dynamic experiments to counter several challenges and unpredictable scenarios.

Final Thoughts

Digital Marketing is one of the fastest emerging industries around the world. This industry has a huge potential to provide millions of jobs to several people. So if you are also looking for an opportunity to start your career, digital marketing would be a great choice.

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